Our Process

In order to receive funding from Florida Litigation Funding, you simply need to fill out our Online Application or contact us at 1-855-FLA-FUND (1-855-352-3863) and we will help you with the process. In addition, you need to contact your attorney, if you have not already done so, and let him or her know that you have applied for a litigation funding advance from Florida Litigation Funding. Your attorney's cooperation is a key part of the process. Without his or her cooperation we can't get the information we need to process your request.

We will then contact your attorney to get the pertinent information about your case. Once we receive that information, we will review everything and provide you with a funding offer, usually within 24 hours. Assuming it is acceptable to you, we will then provide a Funding Agreement and Attorney Letter to your attorney to be signed by you both. Once that is received by us, we will wire transfer your money that same day or send out a check by overnight courier for you to have the next morning.

Keep in mind that this funding arrangement is not a loan and if you receive no settlement proceeds you owe us nothing. And because it is not a loan, you don't have to go through the credit review process as you would at a bank. Your credit history is not important to us. Only the merits of your case will be looked at to determine the amount of funding available. So, if you have bad credit, don't worry. We won't even be pulling a credit report on you.

So don't hesitate. Contact us today and we can help!

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