About Florida Litigation Funding

Florida Litigation Funding was founded by a former commercial banker with nearly twenty years lending experience who recognized the need for alternative financing methods to standard bank loans. We are aware that not everyone has the credit needed to obtain traditional bank loans, particulary in these tough economic times. As a result, Florida Litigation Funding was created to fill the gap left by commercial banks to those in need while they await the results of their pending litigation.

We are located in Orlando, Florida and have the capital needed to fund your case, allowing you the time to let the litigation process proceed without the undue pressure of monthly bills forcing you to settle your case for less than its full value. Although we specialize in Pre-settlement funding, we also offer Post-Settlement funding and will provide funding for certain Commercial Litigation cases as well. In addition, if you already have a Structured Settlement and would like to sell the future payments, contact us and we can help. If you have any questions, just call or email us today.

We can get you the money you need in a matter of days. You can then relax and let your attorney proceed with your case. And remember, because our advance is not a loan, if you receive no settlement, you owe us nothing!

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